Submit an Appeal

Submit an Appeal

Students can appeal decisions related to full-time, continuous enrollment for certain reasons.


Acceptable Reasons for Appeal:

  • Student undergoes a significant personal event, such as a serious illness, personal injury, divorce, or death of an immediate family member. An immediate family member is defined as a parent, spouse, sibling, or child. (Historically, appeals have not been granted for students with certain learning disabilities.  However, if a student submits an appeal for such a reason and provides compelling documentation from a physician, the appeal will be considered.)
  • Student is nearing degree completion and does not have enough hours remaining to warrant full-time enrollment.  Students with 6-14 credit hours remaining may appeal for an exception for a single term.

Steps for Submitting an Appeal:

  • The STUDENT should make the appeal in writing, using the Appeal Form (download above).
  • The personal event appeal should be accompanied by appropriate supporting documentation.
  • The nearing degree appeal should be accompanied by a letter on institutional letterhead from the appropriate dean, director, or academic advisor.
  • The letter from the faculty/administrator should indicate 1) the expected graduation date, 2) the total number of hours the student needs to complete his/her degree, and 3) the number of hours the student intends to take each term.  A template is available for institutions to complete the requested information.  The template may be completed digitally but should be printed on institutional letterhead and signed.
    TEMPLATE for Verification of Appeal
  • There is no deadline for appeals from students.  Appeals are received and considered year-round.
  • The appeal and supporting documentation may be mailed, faxed, or emailed to the attention of “Appeals Committee”:
    Mail to: Mississippi Office of Student Financial Aid, 3825 Ridgewood Road, Jackson, MS 39211
    Scan and email to: 
    Fax to:  601-432-6527

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