Certify the HELP Curriculum

Certify the HELP Curriculum

Students must complete a specific HELP Curriculum in high school to qualify for the HELP grant. Mississippi law requires that completion of the HELP Curriculum must be certified by the high school counselor. Counselors should certify that the student either DID complete the curriculum or DID NOT complete the curriculum.

Three Ways to Certify Completion of the HELP Curriculum:

  • Certify the Core for All Students on the High School Grade File:  Follow the instructions  to prepare the High School Grade File, and be sure to include the HELP curriculum certification (Y = Yes, curriculum complete; N = No, curriculum not completed). Upload the file by clicking the link for the “Secure Document Share Portal” in the Counselor Center.
  • Certify the Core for Individuals:  In the Counselor Center, select “Submit Student Information”. The form includes a check-box to Certify the HELP Curriculum.
  • Certify the Core for HELP Grant Applicants on the State Aid Application Status Report.  AFTER the March 31 online application deadline for HELP, log in to the Counselor Center and select the option to “Generate Student Reports”. Generate a State Aid Application Status Report. In the column “HELP CURRICULUM”, replace the word MISSING with the appropriate certification (Y = Yes, curriculum completed; N = No, curriculum not completed). In the Counselor Center, select “Secure Document Share Portal” to upload the edited report. Note: ONLY the HELP Curriculum Certification can be submitted in this manner. Do not attempt to submit GPA or ACT information using this report.

HELP Curriculum:

REQUIRED CPC + 1 – The HELP Curriculum is seventeen and one-half (17-1/2) units of high school coursework that includes the REQUIRED IHL College Preparatory Curriculum (CPC), plus one (1) additional advanced elective unit.

Required IHL CPC

HELP Curriculum Checklist

*Note: The IHL Required CPC is changing for incoming freshmen 2022.   View the Required IHL CPC for incoming freshmen 2022.

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