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Generate FAFSA and State Aid Application Reports

Generate Reports to Support FAFSA and State Aid Application Completion

Why Generate Reports

  • Students who complete a FAFSA are more likely to enroll in college, because the FAFSA provides access to thousands of dollars in federal grants, loans, and even work study. Do you know if your graduating seniors have completed the FAFSA? Find out by generating a FAFSA Completion Status Report. The report shows which students have submitted the FAFSA, when the FAFSA was submitted, whether the submitted FAFSA was complete or incomplete, and whether the student has been selected for verification.
  • The Mississippi HELP Grant pays full tuition and fees for students who complete the state aid application and qualify. That’s a value of about $8,000 at public university or about $3,000 at a community college. Do you know if your graduating seniors have completed the state aid application? Find out by generating a State Aid Application Completion Status Report. Shows which students have applied for state aid, when applications were received, and what documents, if any, are missing.

How to Generate Reports

Counselors can generate reports containing state aid application and FAFSA completion data for individual students at their high school. In the Counselor Center, select “Generate Student Reports”. Data is reported in an easy-to-use Excel format. Data is also continuously updated, so counselors are encouraged to generate reports as often as necessary.

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