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High School Counselors, please note that HELP Grant supporting documents (grades, ACT Scores, and HELP curriculum certification) are not due until April 30. Only the student’s Mississippi Aid Application (MAAPP) is due March 31 for HELP Grant eligibility.

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High school and district counselors with accounts in the old system were emailed new account credentials on 9/19.  Users of the old system should NOT request to create a new account unless the user has changed schools.

New counselors may request an account by clicking on the MAAPP logo above.  

To access MAAPP as a counselor, complete the following steps:

Step 1: School District or Private School Completes/Updates Participation Agreement

For a counselor to access MAAPP, the counselor’s public school district or private school must have a valid Participation Agreement on file, and the district superintendent or private school headmaster must authorize the counselor.

  • Participation Agreement:  The Participation Agreement includes all the legalese needed to ensure the protection of your student’s data in accordance with federal law.  Beginning in September 2019, the Participation Agreement must be signed electronically by the Superintendent or Headmaster and must be updated annually.
    • Superintendents and Headmasters who filed a paper Participation Agreement with SFA prior to September 2019 should log in to their MAAPP account by clicking on the MAAPP logo above to update the Participation Agreement.
    • Superintendents and Headmasters who have never signed a Participation Agreement may request an account by clicking on the MAAPP logo above.   Once approved, the Superintendent or Headmaster should log in, update the Participation Agreement, and authorize/deny potential users.
  • Counselor Authorization:  Every high school or district counselor must be authorized by the public school district or private school to access and share the student data covered in the Participation Agreement.  The Superintendent/Headmaster or his/her proxy must authorize each counselor.

Step 2: Counselor Requests Account

Individual high school counselors, district counselors, school administrators, or teachers may request a MAAPP user account by clicking on the MAAPP logo above.  Each new user account must be authorized by the district superintendent (or proxy) or private school headmaster (or proxy).

  • Counselors authorized prior to September 2019 will be able to access MAAPP without an updated Participation Agreement or updated authorization until December 1, 2019.  After December 1, 2019, counselors will lose access to MAAPP until the superintendent/headmaster updates the Participation Agreement and re-authorizes the counselor for the next year.
  • New counselors (not authorized prior to September 2019) may request an account at any time by clicking on the MAAPP logo above but will not receive account credentials until the superintendent/headmaster completes Step 1 by updating the Participation Agreement and authorizing new counselors.


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