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High School Counselors, please note that HELP Grant supporting documents (grades, ACT Scores, and HELP curriculum certification) are not due until April 30. Only the student’s Mississippi Aid Application (MAAPP) is due March 31 for HELP Grant eligibility.


Questions about ACT Superscores?

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High school counselors are responsible for submitting the following data elements for every graduating high school senior: cumulative high school GPA (unweighted; calculated on a 4.0 scale), composite ACT score from a national test (and corresponding test date), and certification of the HELP Core Curriculum. Student academic information must be submitted between January 1 and April 30.

Two Ways to Submit Student Academic Information:

  • Submit Information for Individual Students: Use this option to submit academic information if you only have a few graduating seniors OR if you wish to update information for an individual student.  Select the student in MAAPP and click on the High School tab to edit the student’s academic information.
  • Submit a High School Grade File: Use this option to submit academic information for all graduating seniors in a single batch file, referred to as a high school grade file.
    • Follow instructions, available below, to prepare the electronic high school grade file.
    • In MAAPP, select “Secure Document Share Portal” to upload the file in a safe, secure manner. Step-by-step instructions for uploading to the Share Portal are available HERE.  Even though you are logged in to MAAPP, you will need to log in to the Share Portal as well. You will need your Username and Password. Your Username for the Document Share Portal is the same as your Username for MAAPP (unless you changed your MAAPP Username).  Your Password is the Document Share Portal PIN located just beneath your name in MAAPP.
    • Submit only one grade file per school per year.  Do NOT submit multiple files per school (i.e. one counselor submits a file with students A-M and another submits a file with students N-Z) OR multiple files per year (i.e. one file in January and another with updates in April).
    • To submit updates for individual students after submitting the grade file, use the first option above to “Submit Information for Individual Students”.
    • To submit updated HELP curriculum certification after submitting the grade file, either use the first option above to “Submit Information for Individual Students” OR use the third option here to “Certify the Curriculum for HELP Grant Applicants on the State Aid Application Status Report”.

How to Prepare a High School Grade File:

The following link provides a template for information that should be provided in the electronic high school grade file:

The following documents have been created over time by high school counselors and technical analysts to help counselors extract data from various student information systems.

See a List of Processed High School Grade Files

ACT Superscores

As of April 1, 2021 (no fooling!), the Office is now able to accept official ACT Superscores for eligibility for state aid.  

How to Submit ACT Superscores

Students – Log into your MyACT account ( and request your scores be sent to a new institution.  Send scores to Mississippi Office of Student Financial Aid (institution code #2431).

Counselors – MAAPP has been updated to allow you to report a student’s ACT Superscore.  You can now report both a composite score with test date and/or a Superscore.  Superscores may also be submitted as part of the high school grade file.  Superscores should only be reported if the Superscore was calculated by ACT and appeared in an ACT publication (score report, score file, or the student’s MyACT account).  Do not submit a Superscore that you have manually calculated.


In fall 2019, ACT announced it would begin reporting Superscores in September 2020 for ACT test takers who have taken more than one administration of the ACT or have retaken subject sections of the ACT.  The IHL Board changed the IHL Admission Policy from using ACT Composite scores to ACT Superscores. Other Mississippi institutions followed suit. The Postsecondary Student Financial Assistance Board voted to also accept ACT Superscores for eligibility for state aid, beginning with first-time aid recipients during 2021-2022.  However, the Board stipulated that Superscores would only be accepted if calculated by ACT and published on the ACT Score Report.

What is ACT Superscoring?

ACT Superscoring takes the highest ACT subject test score (English, reading, math, and science) across all administrations, and recalculates a composite score based on the highest subtest scores:

Test Date English Math Reading Science Composite
February 17 18 19 21 19
April 19 19 20 22 20
June 19 18 22 22 20
Superscore 19 19 22 22 21

To learn more about ACT Superscores, visit the ACT website.

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