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Submit Student Academic Information

High school counselors are responsible for submitting the following data elements for every graduating high school senior: cumulative high school GPA (unweighted; calculated on a 4.0 scale), composite ACT score from a national test (and corresponding test date), and certification of the HELP Core Curriculum. Student academic information must be submitted between January 1 and April 30.

Two Ways to Submit Student Academic Information:

  • Submit Information for Individual Students: Use this option to submit academic information if you only have a few graduating seniors OR if you wish to update information for an individual student. In the Counselor Center, select “Submit Student Information”.
  • Submit a High School Grade File: Use this option to submit academic information for all graduating seniors in a batch file, referred to as a high school grade file. Follow instructions, available below, to prepare the electronic high school grade file. In the Counselor Center, select “Secure Document Share Portal” to upload the file in a safe, secure manner. Step-by-step instructions for uploading to the Share Portal are available HERE. Even though you are logged in to the Counselor Center, you will need to log in to the Share Portal as well. You will need your Username and Password. Your Username* was assigned to you after you applied for your Counselor PIN. Your Password is the same as your Counselor PIN. *Note: Usernames assigned to counselors for Share Portal access prior to March 2015 did not change.

How to Prepare a High School Grade File:

The following link provides a template for information that should be provided in the electronic high school grade file:

The following documents have been created over time by high school counselors and technical analysts to help counselors extract data from various student information systems.

See a List of Processed High School Grade Files

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