MTLR-MS Teacher Loan Repayment

MTLR – Mississippi Teacher Loan Repayment Program

The Mississippi Teacher Loan Repayment (MTLR) program has been discontinued and no new awards will be made for the program.


Program Overview:

Funds are available to help teachers pay back their undergraduate loans if they currently hold an Alternate Route Teaching License and currently teach in a Mississippi Teacher Critical Shortage Area (geographic or subject area).

Rules and Regulations: 

MTLR Rules and Regulations

Important Dates:

Application dates: October 1 – March 31
Document deadline: April 30
Awards are made on a first-come, first-served basis.


  • Hold a valid Mississippi Alternate Route Teaching License.
  • Be under contract as a teacher in a Mississippi public or charter school located in a critical teacher shortage area or in any Mississippi public or charter school if teaching in a critical subject shortage area.
  • Have federal undergraduate student loans in your name. Perkins and Graduate-level loans do not qualify.
  • You are not currently in default or delinquent on any federal, state, or local educational loan.
  • You have not received funds from the Critical Needs Teacher Forgivable Loan Program, the William Winter Teacher Forgivable Loan Program, or the Teacher Education Scholars Forgivable Loan Program.

Award Amount and Length of Eligibility:

  • Recipients receive up to $3,000 annually toward their undergraduate loans for a maximum of four years and $12,000. Awards are paid directly to the loan servicer.
  • MTLR recipients are not eligible for any other state aid.

To Apply:

  1. Complete the online application. The online application must be completed each and every academic year for which the applicant seeks aid.
  2. Submit a copy of your 3-year or 5-year Alternate Route Teaching License (a 1-yr interim certificate does not qualify).
  3. Submit a copy of your current teaching contract showing that you currently teach in either a critical shortage area or critical subject area.
  4. Complete and submit the Loan Data Verification sheet showing where your undergraduate loans are currently being serviced.

How to Submit Supporting Documents

Frequently Asked Question:

  • I consolidated my loans. Do I still qualify for the program? 
    Yes. If you consolidated your undergraduate loans, just list your current loan servicer on the Loan Data Verification Sheet.

How to Submit Supporting Documents

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